Theoria et Historia Scientiarum (THS) (ISSN: 0867-4159 (print); ISSN 2392-1196 (online)) is an international academic journal, published annually by the Nicolaus Copernicus University since 1991. Its first editor in chief, Tomasz Komendziński, now shares this function with Sławomir Wacewicz and Przemysław Żywiczyński. The journal’s editorial board includes some of the world’s leading scholars in Cognitive Science and language evolution.

More recently, the thematic scope of the journal has been Cognitive Science, broadly construed. Since 2012, the journal has been co-edited by the Center for Language Evolution Studies at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, and language evolution – field of interdisciplinary research into the evolutionary origins of the human language faculty – has been a domain of particular interest.

THS is an international journal, with a great majority of authors representing research centres located in the US and Western Europe. We have had many contributions from authors affiliated with Polish institutions, as well as some from other countries, such as Japan, Romania, Russia or Thailand.